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Quilter's Press Bars

Set of 5, various sizes: 1/8 inch - 3/16 inch - 1/4 inch - 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch. All are 12 inch long and made of heat resistant yellow plastic. Press Bars are the perfect tools for making the small bias tubes used in applique and craft projects for stems - vines etc.
Item Number: C165
Barcode Number: 033262101659
Instructions: Begin by cutting bias strips. Bias is the diagonal line of a piece of square fabric. (Fabric cut on the bias will work around curves without wrinkling or puckering). Cut end of fabric straight - fold corner down forming a triangle so crosswise grain meets lengthwise grain of fabric as illustrated. Mark fold and cut - forming bias edge. Using Ruler - measure from bias edge and cut bias strips the width needed for press bar. (Strips 1 inch - 1-1/2 inch will be wide enough to fit any of the bars.) TO Make Bias Tube: 1. Fold strips in half wrong sides together. Measure from folded edge and draw a seam line slightly wider than press bar. 2. Stitch along seam line. Trim excess seam allowance so it will be hidden behind tube after pressing. 3. Insert rounded end of bias bar into the tube. Roll seam allowance to the center of the flat side of press bar. Press seam in one direction - slipping the bar through the tube as you press. Remove press bar and press tube with hot iron to hold crease. When using the very tiny press bars - dampening with water or a bit of spray starch will help to hold crease.