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Adapter Iron Tip (Large)

This is an exclusive adapter tip that easily fits onto the Mini Iron II (Art. No 9100). It is a large-sized tip that delivers efficient pressing for large areas. 

Changing the Tip

  • When inserting the adapter tip, insert the tip gently until it stops
  • Tighten the screw securely where the screw meets the indentation on the tip


  • Turn off the Mini Iron's power switch before replacing the tip. The heater may be damaged if the power is left on without the adapter tip attached
  • Test the same fabric before using the Mini Iron II
  •  Only for Mini Iron II. (Will not work for Mini Iron I)

Adaptable Tips Available: 

  • Iron Tip - Large (Art. No 9103)
  • Ball Tip (Art. No 9104)
  • Slim Line Tip (Art. No 9105)
  • Hot Knife Tip (Art. No 9106)
  • Hot Knife Tip Blade Refills (9107)

Material: Brass