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Master Hooper - Bernette Deco

Master-Hooper is a machine embroiderery & quilting aid designed to make hooping easier. Constructed from solid surface material the Master-Hooper(r)makes sure fabric and stabilizers remain flat, free of ripples & smooth. Uniquely designed to accommodate all machine embroidery hoop sizes. Compatible with the following Bernette models: Deco 330 & 340 Instructions included. (Hoop not included) 

The Master-Hooper® is a fantastic product for machine embroiderers and quilting tool, designed to make hooping easier.

  The Principle Idea:

The Master-Hooper®accomplishes this by:

  • The Master-Hooper® was designed to shorten and ease hooping  frustrations. 
  • The Master-Hooper® cutout was designed to makes it easy to tighten  hoop screw.
  • The Master-Hooper® holds hoop steady during hooping.   Hooping is completed in a fraction of the time.  
  • The Master-Hooper® elevates your hoop ½” off the surface allowing for better access to the hoop screw(s).
  •  The Master-Hooper® weighted        surface with anti-skid backing prevents shifting
  • The  Master-Hooper® allows for even placement of fabric and stabilizer to remain flat, free of ripples and smooth.  
  • The Master-Hooper® holds hoop steady during hooping .  Saves time and aggravation when hooping   your projects.                


The Master-Hooper® was developed to alleviate physical challenges and frustrations of hooping. 

By using our Master-Hooper®you will find your embroidery experiences

to be much more rewarding and enjoyable."


  • The Master-Hooper®is constructed from solid surface material. 
  • The complete bottom of each unit is coated with a space age anti-skid material.